Hard-working machines for hard-working people.
That’s the powerful thinking that made the FW
Telehandler.  In consultation with our customers, we
have established what end users really want from a
telehandler.  By listening, we were informed that there
was a need for a small telehandler (3,000 lbs.) forklift.  
So, the FW Telehandler was developed in 2 WD or 4
WD models that can be loaded on a 12,000 GVW
trailer and pulled with a ¾ or 1-ton pickup.    We have
applied our experience in the construction industries
to produce the premium quality, high performance
telehandler that will meet both the residential and
commercial construction needs.  Designed to offer the
power and ease of operation in a confined space that
our customers demand.  In addition to its numerous
productivity-enhancing features, the compact yet
rugged telehandler incorporates an innovative cab
design, with an ergonomically designed interior and easy-to-use joystick controls. Combined with
a variety of available attachments, the versatile Telehandler is designed for both large and small
construction, masonry, farming and landscaping uses.
Combining power and versatility,
the FW Telehandler has quickly
become an indispensable tool on
the job site.  As a combination
telehandler and aerial work
platform, it can be changeover
from one mode of operation to the
other that takes only a few
minutes.  Controls at the platform
allow a one-man operation of the
aerial work platform.
The Telehandler is simple, reliable and easy to operate.
When push comes to shove they just get the job done,
time and time again.  The Telehandler with the versatile of
attachments help keep productivity high. With the FW
Telehandler, you get everything you need and nothing you
don’t. This greatly increases productivity — and your
bottom line — by eliminating the need for costly rental of
unnecessary equipment. There isn’t much this machine
can’t do.
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