The World Family Sculpture
Erected in memory of the September
11th disaster and dedicated in the
fall of 2002.

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FW Crane Products
From our inception in 1990, the vision of Flannegan Western has been to provide
customers with standard and modular, Best-In-Class systems that enhance worker
productivity and promote worker safety.

Flannegan Western is a family-owned business specializing in the manufacture and
distribution of a modular, turnkey system that allows city, county and state employees to
safely and efficiently install, maintain and repair road signs, guard rail, fence posts, etc. We
hold a solid, 12 year history of on-time deliveries, and tout a highly satisfied customer
base comprised of public engineers at all levels of government.

Our flagship product, coined as the
"FW Sign Shop on Wheels" combines the proven
technologies of the aerial lift, crane, and construction industries into a single product that
renders a tremendous productivity gain to the end user. Although we found our niche in
road sign maintenance and installation, we also offer emergency rescue vehicles, and such
stand-alone products as cranes, truck beds, trailers, augers, personnel lifts, and more.

We are sensitive to our customers needs and strive to deliver a quality product at a
reasonable cost.  Our employees are encouraged to respect our customers and the quality
of the product we produce, and to be mindful of one another. We want to work with our
customers to develop long lasting relationships because we care about our customers and
because we know that they are the key to our future success. Together we can deliver
equipment solutions that help them work smarter, not harder.
Our Promise To You

Our number one goal is to deliver a product that exceeds expectations. Surprises will not
be acceptable, and service after the sale is deemed to be equally important as the initial
sale itself.
Customers choose FW Crane Products for several reasons. Namely, because they know
that they
can count on Flannegan Western to deliver dependable, quality equipment with
innovative features.
Going the Extra Mile...
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FW design concepts focus on offering interchangeable product features from a complete
line of standardized equipment components. Our commitment to our customers comes
shining through in our versatile and diverse product line offering.

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