Sign Truck
The FW Sign Shop on Wheels is an industry first.  Your sign maintenance needs are finally met with
a single place of equipment.
Trailer Mounted Models
FW Sign Shop on Wheels is available
as trailer models.
Truck Mounted Models
FW Sign Shop on Wheels is available
as truck models.
FW design concepts focus on offering interchangeable features in a standardized, easy-to-use,
mobile package.  This modular design allows you to work directly with the manufacturer to specify a
system which best meets your individual needs and budget.
This is a sign truck
with Articulating boom
with auger and FW
Telescopic work
Parallelogram design.
Conventional alternatives offer either a fabricated approach or an overkill for signing applications.  
Both translate into costly solutions.  Until now, there was no easy answer.
Sign truck with stick boom, FW
Traversing work platform-Parallelogram
design, bumper mount aggregate box,
and a cement mixer.
Sign truck with stick boom, FW
Telescopic work platform with the Double
Parallelogram design.
Our 30 years of experience in and around the construction, aerial lift, and boom industries allow
FW to provide you with unique solutions which are guaranteed to ease the burdens created by
government legislation.  We maximize your investment by integrating previously separate
technologies into a single product design.  The FW approach... safe, efficient, affordable,
versatile... has allowed Flannegan Western to become the technological leader of the signing
Articulating signing boom with auger
attachment and steel post driver, modular
sign compartment, FW Telescopic work
platform-Parallelogram design.

Far superior to current practices.  The design configuration naturally keeps employees
out of the flow of traffic.

The operator control console, located up on the unit, gives the operator excellent
visibility over the entire work site.  With ample deck space, a workbench and
under-the-bed post storage, organization is made easy.

Rest assured, your equipment will be delivered as it was presented to you.  We've
eliminated the surprises which often occur with a fabricated approach

Both truck and trailer models offer you a choice of standardized equipment.  You can
even add options down the road as your budget allows.

Tremendous increases in speed and efficiency are reported by sign crews using the
unit.  Operation time alone has been reduced by as much as two-thirds.

The most versatile and diverse piece of equipment on todays market!

●      Road sign maintenance and installation
●      Guard rail post installation
●      Fence repair/installation
●      Bridge maintenance/installation
●      Tunnel lighting maintenance
●      Tree Trimming
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Sign truck with Articulating boom, FW
Telescopic work platform-Parallelogram
design, bumper mount aggregate box,
and a cement mixer.