The Orbiter
Orbiter with bucket or backhoe
Orbiter is great for snow removal.
With the wide rotation of the Orbiter as it is being
used as a backhoe, you do not need to jockey
around you can stay in one place and dig a hole
and rotate and dump it.
Orbiter as a back/hoe/excavator.
The many jobs that the Orbiter can perform
Conversion to the mini-grader
is quick and easy
Orbiter as a mini-grader
Orbiter with trencher
Orbiter with Mower
Orbiter with pallet forks-Forklift.
Orbiter with rear mounted post driver
Going the Extra Mile...
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The FW Orbiter is ideally suited to construction, landscaping, forestry, farming and their related
applications.  The Orbiter offers you a clear unobstructed view, balanced load, and smooth ride.
 It is completely upgradeable and highly efficient.  The Orbiter readily accepts all universal skid
steer attachments  The
Orbiter is one of our most unique products, please take a moment and
check out all the different applications that the
Orbiter can adapt to.