The FW Cranes are the first product ever developed
by Flannegan Western.  FW Cranes are designed to
increase efficiency while meeting your budget.

FW has several models of telescoping cranes
available.  Our cranes are unique in that they can be
mounted on a pickup truck, as well as on a larger
service truck. Versatility at its finest!

The FW Service Cranes offer between 2000 - 3300 -
5000 lbs. lifting capacity.  This in itself, adds to the
versatility, by being able to accommodate most any
lifting need.
Another feature of FW Cranes is that they can be folded down, out of sight over the wheel well,
allowing maximum utilization of cargo spaces.

Standard options to the Sign Master Stick boom provide you with electric over hydraulic controls.  It
includes as 18' remote control pendant, hydraulic rotation, worm and bull gear with 23,000 ft. Lb.
bearing and a 12 volt DC winch.
The boom is a 3 section boom, hydraulically powered from 8' to 12' 6", and manual to 15 1\2', power
boom elevation.
Stick Boom
with hydraulic
controls and electric
Stick Boom
on a Tommy Tilt
Model 50520 Crane

Featured here is our newest version, a
5,000 pound crane with a 20' reach.
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